Hello, Difference Makers!

We are currently asking Stitchers to make one of the two approved masks below. 

These particular fabric masks could be used for: 

  • Visitors to the facilities

  • Caregivers who are not involved with direct patient care and are at low risk of catching COVID-19 from patients or transmitting to others

  • Cover N95 masks for extra protection for caregivers on the front lines

You do not have to be a pro. We aren't aiming for perfection here, so everyone can do this! We suggest that you watch the videos first to see how easy it is to make these masks.


Mask Design #1 has no pleats and uses clothesline and wire. There is a pocket for a filter and two different fabric patterns are used. Fabric should be 100% cotton.

NOTE: The rectangle can be adjusted to make smaller masks. 9" x 7" appears to work for older children.


Mask Design #2 has pleats, no wire, and you can make your own ties with fabric. You can also use bias tape for the ties. This design uses one fabric pattern. Fabric should be 100% cotton.

We are here for your questions. Feel free to contact us using the form on our home page or our chat box, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.